Project Description

Parenting Education

New Start is proud to offer our Parenting Education course. This course is comprised of 4 sessions each lasting a minimum of 2 hours. The Parenting Education course will cover a variety of topics including effective discipline, strengthening the parent/child bond, advocating for your child, safety, and South Carolina Laws. This course uses the core program from Love and Logic as its basis for the structure and outline of the curriculum.  Individuals will participate in mini-workshops, group discussions, worksheets and more.

About Love and Logic

The Love and Logic curriculum was co-written and developed by Jim Fay, a former school principal with over 30 years experience, and Foster W. Cline, M.D., an internationally renowned child and adult psychiatrist. The Love and Logic program provides a loving, balanced approach to parenting that is neither punitive nor permissive.

The curriculum teaches adults how to discipline kids without losing their love and respect. The focus of the program is on helping children develop personal responsibility, self-control, and good decision making skills and not on a complicated reward or punishment system. Instead Love and Logic focuses on long-term relationships and reinforcing good character.

Currently, over 12,000 trainers offer the Love and Logic approach worldwide including the US, England, Mexico, Canada, Argentina, Brazil, Norway, Israel, Australia and others.


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