Project Description

Drug Education

Our Drug Education course comprises of two sessions, each lasting a minimum of two hours. The course covers a variety of topics, including abuse, prevention, and sobriety. The Drug Education course uses our core program Living in Balance: Moving form a Life of Addiction to a Life of Recovery as the basis for the structure and outline for its curriculum. Participants will take art in mini-workshops, group discussion, worksheets, and more through the duration of the course.

Course Outline

Section A —

  • Course Introduction

  • How did I get here?

  • Definitions, Terms and Self-Assessment

  • Alcohol and Other Drug Education

  • SC Laws and Regulations

Section B —

  • Triggers, Cravings, and Avoiding Relapse

  • Planning for Sobriety

  • Relapse Prevention Basics

  • Legal, Social, and Emotional Consequences

  • Where do I go from here?


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